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Customer application site of coarse and fine grinding system

2020-1-3 22:03:03

"Xu Haixin" brand coarse and fine grinding system is the third generation grinding system developed by our design engineering department through unremitting efforts. At present, it has been applied to the production line of our customers, and the equipment can run continuously for 24 hours. The equipment mainly adopts full-automatic control system. After full frequency control, soft start is realized, which plays a good role in protecting the main shaft and motor. All data can be connected to the central console for automatic operation and continuous automatic on-line ash cleaning. The third generation grinding system has the advantages of uniform particle size distribution, arbitrary adjustment between 2-80um, low energy consumption, large production capacity, low temperature and environmental protection requirements.

1.  HXCX-180A型超细粉碎机.jpg

The successful introduction of the third generation machine to the market has raised the level of power consumption, crushing fineness quality and artificial energy consumption for new and old customers. At present, the third generation ultra-fine grinding system is mainly applicable to the production lines of catalyst, regenerated catalyst, rare earth, sodium bicarbonate, rubber auxiliary, chemical auxiliary, oxide, copper oxide, iron oxide, alumina, titanium Bai powder, resin, kaolin, powder coating, desulfurization and denitrification projects.

The successful launch of the third generation ultra-fine grinding system, at the same time, we also want to thank the new and old customers for providing the important practical production parameters and the operational disadvantages encountered in the production process for the R & D of our company. Thank you again for your trust and support! Let's work together to create a better tomorrow!