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2020-1-5 14:15:27

1、 Application scope:

Wldh screw mixer is a new type of high efficiency mixing equipment, which is widely used in chemical industry, medicine, food, compound fertilizer, health care products, dyestuff, pigment, rubber, building materials, refractory, rare earth, plastic glass, new materials, nuclear energy materials and other industries Solid slurry (i.e. powder is mixed with slurry).

5.   WLDH-系列螺带混合机.jpg

2、 Structural features:

The machine is a horizontal cylinder, the inner and outer two-layer spiral belt has a unique structure, stable operation, reliable quality, low noise, long service life, convenient installation and maintenance, and has a variety of mixer structure, widely used multi-functional mixing equipment. High mixing speed, high mixing uniformity, especially viscosity. Scraper can be installed on the spiral belt, and it is also suitable for thick and paste mixing. The discharge port can be designed as pneumatic, electric valve or star discharge valve.