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Customer installation site of superfine pulverizer for pesticide

2020-1-3 22:08:01

The special superfine pulverizer for pesticide is an automatic and manual dual-purpose unit newly developed by Haixin company. The materials with viscosity, low melting point and strong water absorption can be crushed well. The fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily between 2-100um, and the particle size distribution is narrow and uniform. In addition, the unit also has automatic ash removal and automatic temperature measurement system, which can accurately adjust the wind speed, flow, transportation, classification and other data of the fan according to the data displayed on the PLC screen, so as to make the whole machine at low temperature Run in state.

4、 HXCX-30A和40A型超细粉碎机组.jpg

At present, the mature application of pesticide superfine pulverizer in a wide range of fields, by the new and old customers alike! "Haixin people" will provide high-quality services and products to all the new and old customers along the way. Here, we also want to thank them: all the new and old customers have been growing together with Haixin enterprise, witnessing our growing together!