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HXCX-100A and 130 type superfine crushing unit
HXCX-100A and 130 type superfine crushing unit

 Trial scope:

HXCX-100A and 130 ultra-fine crushing units have ideal effects for crushing dry non-fibrous materials and minerals. Compared with other domestic models, the product has a uniform particle size distribution and a narrow distribution range, and the product has a low temperature rise.

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Product Overview:

HXCX series ultrafine crushing unit is a new generation of ultrafine crushing equipment designed and developed according to the requirements of the crushing project by the company to introduce the advantages of advanced products of German companies. The machine has a stable technical performance, low noise, low power consumption, high efficiency, yet the United States view, the use of flexible, small footprint, wide application, easy to clean to clean, no dust and so on. This machine consists of three parts: main machine, auxiliary machine and electric box, which are connected as a whole by corresponding pipes. The auxiliary machine is divided into a cyclone and a filter bag filter, and the one-piece structure can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements. In addition to the crushing device, the main machine is equipped with a feeder and an air-selective centrifugal classification. There is no sieve and screen, which can adjust and control the product size. The material is sent to the crushing chamber by a quantitative automatic uniform feeder for crushing, and then the qualified fineness is classified by the air classifier. The negative pressure fan in the auxiliary machine sucks it to the closed-wind feeder of the cyclone and discharges it , and the dust is recovered. Filter bag dust collector.

 Technical parameters


HXCX-100A type

HXCX-130A type

Production capacity (kg / h)



Feed size (mm)



Output granularity (mesh)

80-2500 mesh (adjustable)

Total power (kw)



Main speed (r / min)

~ 2900

~ 2500

Overall dimensions (mm)

9000 × 2600 × 4800

9500 × 2800 × 5000