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Pharmaceutical industry

2020-1-3 22:18:15

Product overview:

Hxcx series ultra-fine grinding unit is a new generation ultra-fine grinding equipment designed and developed by the company according to the requirements of grinding engineering by introducing and digesting the advantages of advanced products of German company. The machine has the characteristics of stable technical performance, low noise, low power consumption, high efficiency, beautiful appearance, flexible use, small floor area, wide application range, convenient cleaning and no dust flying. The machine consists of three parts: main machine, auxiliary machine and electric box, which are connected as a whole by corresponding pipes. The auxiliary machine is divided into cyclone and bag filter, which can also be designed and manufactured as per the user's requirements. The main machine is equipped with a pulverizer, a feeder and an air separation type centrifugal grading device. It has no screen and no net. It can adjust and control the particle size of products arbitrarily. The materials are sent to the crushing chamber by the quantitative automatic uniform feeder for crushing, and then the qualified fineness is graded by the air classifier. The negative pressure fan in the auxiliary machine is used to suction the materials to the closed air feeder of the cyclone for discharging, and the dust is recovered to the filter bag dust remover.

Trial scope:

This machine has ideal effect for crushing and drying non fibrous materials and minerals. Compared with other domestic models, the product has uniform particle size distribution and narrow distribution range, and low temperature rise. It is especially suitable for comminution of heat sensitive materials such as chemical industry, sugar, plastic powder, traditional Chinese medicine, defatted soybean, fish powder, pesticide, urea, glucose, etc. it is an ideal equipment for superfine comminution of materials.