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2020-1-5 14:07:42


The machine is simple in structure, convenient in disassembly and cleaning of the crushing chamber. All parts of the crushing chamber in contact with the materials are made of stainless steel materials, which can resist acid and corrosion and make the crushed materials meet the health requirements more. The machine has the advantages of stable operation, convenient movement, low noise, no dust, good crushing effect and low power consumption. The utility model has better crushing effect on heat sensitive materials, because its structure is: (1) the space in the fast knife type crushing is large, and the rotating blade itself is blade type, which has the effect of self cooling air, and is not easy to generate heat. The feed port is open basin type, so the bulk materials can also be smoothly crushed, saving a coarse powder equipment. (2) The main bearing is outside the machine cavity, and the heat generated by the general crusher bearing in the process of high-speed operation is distributed in the grinding chamber, while the high-efficiency crusher bearing is outside, and the heat will not be transferred into the machine cavity. (3) . the finished product material is forced to be sucked out from the machine cavity through the screen and positive pressure fan, and at the same time, the machine cavity is cooled. It is an ideal grinding equipment for automatic cooling. (4) The discharge is blown by the positive pressure fan to the cyclone device system, and the discharge is automatically discharged from the closed air discharger, and the dust is recovered to the collecting bag.